My Name is William Belongia, and I am a 3D Graphic/Animation Designer

This site is a collection of projects I have done for work, school, freelance, or just for the fun of it. I've been working as a Flash applications developer and 3D animator since 2006. But I am always interested in any freelance jobs.

    • Flash
    • After Effects
    • 3D Max
    • Photoshop
    • Premiere


Description of Work

I've been working as an animator and Flash developer since 2006 and am currently working at Plank Road Publishing Inc. as a web content developer, creating Flash based games and user interfaces for the many websites Plank Road Publishing currently runs. Previously I worked as an electronic technician for 12 years at Allen Bradly/Rockwell Automation until my department was phased out. I studied at Milwaukee Area Technical Collage and have degrees in Visual Communications/Comuter Graghics and in Animation. On occasion I will work as a freelance artist creating computer animations, Flash content, or do Photoshop work.